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LearnOnAir simulates the school management model you are familiar with into a virtual online environment which operates under your school name.

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Features of online classes

During a live session, students are able to interact face-to-face with their instructor. They can actively participate in a session while the instructor maintains full control, allowing the instructor to activate or deactivate the video/audio functions of each students throughout the live session.

Teachers and students can enable the HD resolution streaming options to experience the highest quality video and audio during a live session.

With a single click, instructors can simultaneously share their screen, whether it’s their entire desktop or one document. They are also able to connect and share an ipad screen during a live session.

Instructors can record their classes in seconds during a live session. When the live session finishes, students can re-watch the recorded session shortly after through their accounts.


Schools who want to extend their educational environment beyond the school campus.

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Why LearnOnAir


With LearnOnAir your students and instructors will experience a new way of teaching & learning that has never been easier or simpler.


LearnOnAir understands that students of all ages will use the platform, so it has limited the chances of any misuse and has prevented any potential liability issues.


Users are able to access all features of LearnOnAir under the one roof with a single sign-on, without the need of third-party platforms. No need to have extra staff scheduling sessions, notifying users, arranging recordings or monitoring exact class


We give you cutting edge technology at the best price. No need to invest in any hardware for IT infrastructure. No hidden fees for bandwidth. You have the power to create unlimited sessions.

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